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Frequently Asked Questions


1. I’m a new business, can I enter?

A: You bet! If your business has started within 12 months from the 3rd of January 2020, you can enter into our newcomer category and/or your own category. (You can only be entered into the newcomer category once you have entered a category for your business).


2. How much is administration fee & why do we have one?

A: The administration entry fee for each category is £45. Payments are to be made online via our registration process. As we don’t have any sponsorship, this enables us to be completely independent and flexible to run the awards how we see fit, FOR YOU. Without the administration fee, these awards simply can’t go ahead. But we think the small fee is worth it.


3. I’ve heard at other awards; companies pay for their awards, via advertisement/sponsorship and who buys the most tickets on the awards evening. Is this true? 

A: We can’t comment on other awards and how they operate, however The Wedding Business Awards main ethos and core value is integrity. We have NO sponsorships. You do not have to attend the regional event to find out if you have won or not. However, wouldn’t it be great to celebrate with like-minded businesses, network, and have a great time.


4. How many categories can I enter?

A: You can enter as many categories as your wedding business fits in. You will need to register your business separately for each category and incur separate entry/administration charges. Please click here to view all our wedding categories.


5. I’m not sure which category my wedding business fits in?

A: Our ‘’categories’’ page provides all the information needed for each category. If, however, if you are still unsure, please contact us on: info@theweddingbusinessawards.com. Please allow 24hrs-48hrs for us to respond. Please click here to view all our wedding categories.


6. How can I nominate a wedding business?

 A: Please click here to nominate a wedding business. Alternatively, you can contact us on info@theweddingbusinessawards.com to recommend a wedding business to be a part of The Wedding Business Awards.


7. I am only a 1-person business. Do I still have a fair chance in winning?

A: Absolutely, you have every chance of winning. The Wedding Business Awards are here to recognise ALL small businesses. Whether you’re a team of 5 or a sole trader, everyone has an equal opportunity to win an award. 


8. What happens if I am announced as a regional finalist?

A: All regional finalists will be announced on our website and also notified by email. On your My Business Profile, you will be given our prestigious regional finalist badge. Tickets will go on sale for our regional event ceremonies and you will be invited to attend the awards ceremony to find out whether you are the regional winner.


9. What happens if I am announced as a regional winner?

A: If you’re announced as a regional winner you will be invited to the national awards ceremony. On your My Business Profile, you will be given our prestigious regional WINNERS badge. Tickets will then go on sale for our National Event and you will be invited to attend the awards ceremony to find out whether you are the national winner.


10. What happens if I win an award but can’t attend the awards ceremony?

A: If you can’t attend, you’ll be missed, but we will send the certificates and trophies awards in the post (first class, recorded delivery). However, we would LOVE to see you at the regional events. 


11. Do all entries receive feedback?

A: All entrants will receive voter feedback from their past clients. Only regional finalists, winners and national finalists/winners will receive feedback from the voters & judges. Once the regional finals have been complete. All regional & national winners will receive their feedback once the NATIONAL winners have been announced.


12. How does the judging process work?

A: Please click here for the full judging process.

Please contact us if you have any other questions. 



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